OMNI is a full-service cloud integrator with the expertise to help you successfully translate your modernization efforts into reality.
We take pride in working with you to foster a culture of cloud-first and cloud-native innovation.
Our engineers are experienced in migrating multifaceted applications and data centers to a cloud environment and will help automate your processes with open-source standard customized solutions.

OMNI understands that a digital transformation should be unique to your organization’s everyday needs.
We understand the diversity of sensitive data and the complexity in securely adapting your infrastructure to the cloud. Our cloud computing solutions are trusted to protect and support the nation's most critical missions. We engineer conviennent, on-demand access to shared computing resources that can be provisioned with minimal effort or oversight.

If your organization is considering becoming a cloud service provider, moving legacy applications into a cloud, developing cloud-first and cloud-native applications or something in between, we can develop the right cloud computing solution for you.