OMNI is driving the world’s most critical missions forward with cutting-edge technologies and best
practices in systems engineering, integration, and design.
Our team of sophisticated engineers understand how to maximize the value of your business through technology. We excel at addressing complex technical challenges and providing effective solutions through proven, multi-disciplinary frameworks and toolkits that accelerate IT implementations.

OMNI uses a disciplined approach we translate into Define | Design | Develop | Deliver to establish how we accept every customer requirement.
OMNI’s emphasis is on the satisfaction of your operational performance requirements in the intended use environments over its planned life cycle within your cost and schedule constraints. We consider the interface relationships across all elements of the system, other systems (sub-systems) or as a part of a larger system.

Our goal is to provide systems engineering and integration services to your programs and projects to ensure your systems are designed, built, and operated in the most cost-effective manner possible. We provide high-quality systems engineering expertise and services for large and complex information systems.